Critics went wild over Charlotte’s Philadelphia debut in Behold Her (Half Key Theatre Company):

Musician Charlotte Morris is alone worth the price of admission.
— Alaina Johns (Broad Street Review)
Charlotte Morris is the one-woman orchestra, providing songs, interludes and harmonies with untrammeled gusto.
— Margaret Darby (DelcoCultureVultures)
Charlotte Morris provides lovely interludes... displaying a powerful voice and aptitude across a variety of instruments.
— Cameron Kelsall (Broad Street Review)


The reviews for Once (Oregon Cabaret Theatre) are in:

Charlotte Morris gives a sexy spark and invigorating shot of danger to Reza and plays fiddle like a master.
— Kathleen Alaks (The Daily Courier)
Ms. Morris rocks the violin, vocals and acting. If you like the movie ONCE, you will love this production.
— Burt Baker

Read the rave review for Charlotte's performance in Chicago's regional premiere of    Fugitive Songs   :

Read the rave review for Charlotte's performance in Chicago's regional premiere of Fugitive Songs:

“Charlotte Morris is the love child of Judy Collins, deftly playing the violin, the guitar and our heartstrings. With curled platinum hair and a dress from a Bob Dylan protest, she floats through the show, haunting us with her excellent, ethereal voice. Morris clearly has fun in duets with her castmates, like the silly “Poor Little Patty” about wanting to be like Patty Hearst, and the wonderful “Wildflowers” with Adair. Her first solo number, “Break A Branch,” is truly a highlight of the show. Her delivery of the lyric “First you tell the story of the earth” will haunt theatregoers long after they leave the theatre.”
— Ian Rigg, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

Charlotte was featured on for her cover of "Come Round Soon" (OPB Sara Bareilles) with X-Factors A Cappella.

The real highlight comes in the delivery of Charlotte Morris whose demeanor and control are so spot on that her buildups to her money notes completely catch you off-guard and delight you.